Pode o Juiz Impedir (ou Restringir) o Uso das Algemas?

Kel Lúcio Nascimento de Souza


The text seeks to analyze what led to the issuance of the Binding Opinion 11, of the Federal Supreme Court, operational aspects that guide the use of handcuffs and the losses resulting from judicial decisions that limit the use of the instrument, with an exposition of favorable and contrary understandings to use of handcuffs. The objective is to prove that the use of the instrument should be mandatory, not an exception, in view of the innumerable reactions that an individual may have when he is arrested and his effectiveness in reducing injuries and deaths.


Abordagem policial; Algemas; Súmula Vinculante nº 11; Posicionamentos doutrinários; Diretrizes de utilização e aspectos operacionais.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.31412%2Frbcp.v11i2.574


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